Our structure

The International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies

Southern Federal University


  1. Ibero-American Division:

Hispanic-Russian Centre

Department of Ibero-American Studies in Languages, Translation and Intercultural Communication

International Laboratory of Pragmatic and Cognitive Investigations

International Laboratory of Innovative Educational Technologies and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Research


  1. Division of Russian as a Foreign Language and General Courses for International Students (Preparatory Department):

Administrative office

General Courses Resource Centre

Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and Teaching Methodology

Socio-Cultural Adaptation School for International Students

Student Volunteer School

Laboratory of Distance Learning of Russian Language and Culture for International Students

International Laboratory for Cross-Cultural Competences Investigation


  1. Centre of Academic and Scientific Partnerships Development:

Сектор анализа и стратегического планирования

Сектор международного сотрудничества в области общественных и гуманитарных наук

Сектор международного сотрудничества в области естественных и технических наук


  1. Regional Centre of D.E.L.E. International Exam D.E.L.E.


  1. Russian as a Foreign Language Testing Center


  1. School of Simultaneous Interpretation  

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