44.04.01 Pedagogical Education «Russian as a foreign language / The Spanish language in the field of international education»

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Field of Studies: 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education

Language of education: Russian

Format of education: full-time

Duration of training: 2 years.

Requirements: bachelor’s diploma

Advantages of the Program:

  • Orientation at language, intercultural and linguo-didactic factors while learning the Russian language and culture;
  • Practice-oriented model of education aimed at the needs of the modern job market;
  • Interdisciplinary character of education with joint courses with SFedU and partner universities in cognitive studies, sociology, psychology, linguistics and culture studies;
  • Advanced language training in English and Spanish (possibility to partake in scientific conferences in English and Spanish as well as possibility to undergo internship in one of the partner universities abroad);
  • Possibility to take part in the double degree and academic mobility programs of foreign universities, including ERASMUS+.



Basic courses:

  • Modern problems of science and education;
  • Foreign language in the professional sphere / Russian as a foreign language in the professional sphere (for foreign students).

Basic profile courses:

  • Russian as a foreign language: Linguistic basis and teaching method;
  • Paradigm of modern humanitarian knowledge: socio- and psycholinguistics, cross-cultural pragmatics;
  • Innovative technologies in teaching Russian as a foreign language;
  • Pedagogical rhetoric;
  • Russian language: modern tendencies of functioning;
  • Foreign language: Spanish
  • Foreign language: Chinese
  • Foreign language: Arabic

Practical courses:

  • Technological (project) practice;
  • Introductory practice;
  • Pedagogical practice;
  • Pre-graduation practice;
  • Research paper.

Employment perspectives in Russia and abroad:

Alumni of the Program will be able to conduct professional activity in organizations and institutions dealing with international contacts:

  • Scientific and educational work in educational facilities;
  • Diplomatic missions and consulates;
  • Cultural and educational centers;
  • Mass Media;
  • Expert and advisory activity in language, international and socio-cultural policies as well as interethnic and intercultural questions in government and non-government organizations.

Achievements of the Students:

  • Winners of joint SFedU, Gomel State University and Eurasian National University International Students’ Online Conference “Russian Language in the Context of Open Language and Culture Dialogue”;
  • Winners of International Scientific Conference of the Total Dictation “Dynamic Processes in Modern Russian Language”;
  • Winners of International Scientific Conference “Pedagogical Rhetoric and Linguistics of Discourse in Digital Era”;
  • Winners of International Conference “Saving, Supporting and Promoting the Russian Language and Culture Abroad”;
  • Winners of International Scientific-Practical Conference of Master Students, Postgraduates and Young Researchers “Language and Translation in the Context of Intercultural Communication. Relevant Questions and Modern Aspects”;
  • Winners of competitive selection of International Conference of Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Higher Education “Sirius University” “Modern Trends in Brain Activity Research: Interdisciplinary Perspective”. 

Head of the Program: Shiryayeva Oksana Vitalyevna, doctor of philological sciences, head of the International Research Laboratory for the Development of Cross-Cultural Competences, Professor at International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies SFedU.

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