«SFedU-Cuba» preparatory department is to be built soon in SFedU

On November 20 the Southern Federal University and the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba discussed a joint education project: «SFedU-Cuba» preparatory department.

The Preparatory department is planned to be openned in October 2020 with headquarters in the University of Havana.

The main objectives of the project pointed out at the meeting are:  to provide citizens of Cuba and of other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean  with high quality pre-university training, not only in Russian, but also in specialized subjects of engineering, science, humanitarian, pedagogical and social -economic profiles, which will help optimize their further training in the main educational programs of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies not only in the Southern Federal University but also in other universities of Russia. During the training the students will be able to get acquainted with culture and traditions of Russia and the peculiarities of Russian education system.

According to the Cuban representatives, this project is of great importance for the entire Latin American region.




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