Oxford Rissia Fund Fellowship 2020-2021: graduate students contest

Oxford Russia Fund launches in SFU a fellowship 2020-2021 competition among graduate students.

The main objects of the charity are to advance education in the Russian Federation through the provision of scholarships to students and the making of donations to educational establishments.

 The charity focuses on grants to Russian universities for the provision of scholarships, the distribution of English language academic books to Russian universities and the support of conferences on topics of current relevance to Russian universities.


The Trustees seek to advance education in Russia by:

 a) the provision of scholarships for students (of Russian nationality) attending Russian Universities in the Humanities;

 b) the support of Russian educational institutions and non-profit organisations focused on education;

 c) the support of educational institutions in the UK, which indirectly advance education in Russia through the provision of training, research programmes, student/teacher exchange programmes and cultural activities; and

 d) the support of conferences and workshops, wheresoever held, on topics related to Russian education and other initiatives which might advance education in Russia.


The scholarships are awarded on merit and are designed to encourage the study of the humanities in Russian Universities.

The scholarship this year is  8 000 roubles. All the graduate students of philological programs of the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies can apply.


If you want to apply, please, contact us:

Irina I. Davtiants 8-909-428-39-53



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