Higher Education in Cuba: between the legacy of the past and the challenges of today

On the 13th may, during the “Science Week 2022” at Southern Federal University, IINED post-graduate student, member of Russian-Cuban Friendship Society Irina Davtyants present a report on the topic of “Higher Education on Cuba: between the legacy of the past and the challenges of today”.

Due to trade blockade, which began in 1962, and coronavirus pandemic, Cuban higher education system if facing more challenges than that of any other country. And yet, endurance and resilience of Cuban people are admiration-worthy. Because of ruling party policies Cuban higher education system is now regarded as one of the most successful in the world.

Cuba implements about 200 international programs annually and is a part of more than 350 academic and scientific communities and international associations. 57 800 students of 164 countries went through training at Cuban universities since 1962.

Irina Igorevna expressed her special gratitude to candidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor Barbara Elena, leading advisor on Cuban-Russian cooperation and Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, who was the leading consultant during the preparation of the report.


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