45.04.01 Philology + 51.04.01 Cultural studies «Cross-cultural Communication, Public Relations and International Leadership»

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Motto: Culture Defines the Future!

Language of education: Russian

Format of education: full-time

Duration of training: 2 years.

Requirements: bachelor’s diploma

Interdisciplinary Master’s Program “Cross-cultural Communication, Public Relations and International Leadership” is aimed at theoretical, practical and research training of highly educated specialists in the sphere of cross-cultural communication and public relations, who possess multi-subject knowledge and who are capable of successfully conducting professional activity at the junction of humanitarian disciplines in globalized modern world. The program is aimed at training intercultural leadership in the context of cross-cultural dialogue based on theoretical, empirical and territorial approaches that provide the possibility of predicting the outcomes of communication and allow to form practical skills of intercultural communication in social, political and economical processes of the modern world.


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Head of the 45.04.01 Philology program:

Rezhuk Zinaida Vladimirovna, candidate of philological sciences, acting Head of the Department of Russian as a Foreign, Associate Professor at the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies, SFedU.

+7  918 558 65 90

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Head of the 51.04.01 Cultural Studies program:

Blagorodova Elena Alexandrovna, candidate of philosophical sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Culture, Ethics and Aesthetics of Institute of Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences, SFedU.

+7  988 545 19 55

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