Сomprehensive pre-university tutorial for international students

The department of the Russian language and general studies offers pre-university courses the aim of which is to make foreigners ready for studying at any University where training programmes are delivered in Russian. There are five areas of focus: the humanities, natural-science studies, engineering-technical studies, economics, medical and biological studies.


Сomprehensive pre-university tutorial implies studying of:

-the Russian language as a foreign language;

-the scientific language;

-general and additional subjects according to the area of focus:

for those who choose the humanities: social studies,literature, history of Russia, a foreign language 

for those who choose economics: mathematics, social studies, history of Russia, elementary economics

for those who choose natural-science studies: chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, country studies

for those who choose engineering-technical studies: mathematics, physics, computer studies, engineering graphics, country studies

for those who choose medical and biological studies: biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, country studies.


Additional professional development programmes are:

"Traditions and innovations of teaching Russian as a foreign language" (72 ac.h)

"Summer school of the Russian language and culture" (72 ac.h)

"The Russian language from the very beginning" (72 ac.h)

"The Russian language from the very beginning" (240 ac.h) 

Дополнительная образовательная программа: "Продолжаем изучать русский язык", объемом  72 часа (Приказ об открытиидокументы для открытия программы)



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