All-Russian event «Career Time»

«Career Time» is an All-Russian event aimed to develop direct employer-student communication, assistance in finding employment and professional development for students and graduates, as well as creating conditions for the development of their competencies and competitiveness. Workshop sessions, interviews, business cases and company presentations are waiting for you!

The event will be held on-line on from November 12 to November 28. The project will help you find your place in the labor market, win an internship in one of the leading Russian companies, improve your knowledge and skills, introduce you to the best employers in the country and teach you how to present yourself.

To get registered click  https://времякарьеры.рф/ростов-на-дону

Contacts: 8 863 305 19 92 (SFeDu Career services)

It`s time to build a career!

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