Autumn 2021: Academic Mobility Week

Academic mobility week takes place at the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies from 25.10.21 to 30.10.21. We would like to bring your attention to its schedule (changes are possible) and to the fact that this year all the classes during the week of Academic mobility will be held online.


The activities to attend:

45.04.01 Philology "Theory of translation and intercultural communication" 1 year2 year

45.04.01 Philology + 46.04.01 History "International Studies: Languages. Cultures. Diplomacy."  1 year

45.04.01 Philology + 46.04.01 History «International Studies in the Context of Languages and Cultures»2 year

44.04.01 Pedagogical Education «Russian as a foreign language in the field of international education» 1 year2 year

45.04.01 Philology + 51.04.01 Cultural studies «Cross-cultural Communication and International Leadership» 1 year2 year

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