Students and staff of SFedU made the Botanical Garden clean and comfortable

The traditional cleaning day “Blooming Garden” was held on May 6 in the Botanical Garden of Southern Federal University. 

Hundreds of students, university staff, volunteers and eco-activists joined in one big labor team in order to make the favorite vacation spot of Rostov residents and guests of the city cleaner and more comfortable. 

The Rector of Southern Federal University Inna Shevchenko thanked all the participants of the cleaning day for their joint work, spending time together in such a wonderful place. Teams of students, teachers and city volunteers, under the guidance of experienced employees of the Botanical Garden, were engaged in cleaning the territories from garbage, dry shrubs and trees. 

According to the director of the Botanical Garden of Southern Federal University Tatiana Varduni, every year during the cleaning day after a large-scale cleaning of the territory, from 2 to 3 tons of garbage collected by the participants of the eco-action are taken out. Participants of the cleaning day of the Botanical Garden of all ages noted the importance of such a university-wide event. 

After the hard work, the participants were able to relax, take part in sports games, various quizzes and contests, as well as in the events of ecology and creativity festival.

A stage was set up in the center of the Botanical Garden, where the awarding of letters of thanks to the participants of the cleaning day took place. The “Blooming Garden” ended with “Eco-generation festival”, aimed at popularizing environmental volunteering in Rostov Region.

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