XII International Academic Talks “Philology, Intercultural Communication and Translation in XXI Century”

Within the framework of the international virtual project “World Without Borders” the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies of SFedU held XII Academic Talks “Philology, Intercultural Communication and Translation in XXI Century”.

Russian and Foreign scientists gave their speeches during the Talks:

  • Boris Vladimirsky, Professor of the Southern Federal University (Russia) with a lecture on "Artificial Intelligence and translators: symbiosis or competition";
  • - Irina Guseva, Associate Professor of the Department of Spanish at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia) with a lecture "Mexican linguistic personality and Mexican national character through the prism of phraseology";
  • - Evgenia Zhuravleva, Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan) with a lecture "The Russian language in the multiethnic society of Kazakhstan";
  • Ilya Karpenko, Project Manager of the Russian Language Training Center of Moscow State University (Russia) with a lecture "Russian is the language of the World";
  • - Ji Eun Lee, Cultural Heritage Adviser of the Asia-Pacific Secretariat of the World Heritage Cities Organization (South Korea) with a lecture "World Heritage as a means of respectful communication and solidarity";
  • - Elena Nichiporchik, Head of the Department of Russian, General and Slavic Linguistics of Gomel State University (Belarus) with a lecture "The ultimate meanings of European paremias".

Scientists discussed the topics related to interdisciplinary studies, current state of the Russian language, role of world heritage as well as general questions of philology, linguistics, cognitivist studies and translation. More than 200 participants from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia, Syria took part in the conference, with over 90 reports being presented.


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