Portfolio competition and online submission of documents for enrollment

How to enroll in the master's program of the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies of SFedU without exams? Participate in the Portfolio Contest “Master's Student of SFedU” 2023!

We bring to your attention the structure of the Portfolio Competition “Master's Student of SFdeU” 2023. The maximum number of points that a contestant can receive in the framework of the competition is 100 points.

Video instructions for participation in the Portfolio Competition “Master's Student of SFedU” in 2023


Structure of the portfolio competition:

Section 1. Motivation Letter

Reasoned justification of the choice of SFedU and the master's program with mandatory indication of its name and profile, vision of the planned professional activity (including research, management, analytical), prospects for the application of the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies.


Section 2. Thematic cases

An essay prepared on one of the proposed topics corresponding master's program.


Section 3. Results of educational activities


Section 4. Scientific, research and professional experience


Section 5. Achievements considered as the maximum result

- Diploma holders (medalists, winners, prize–winners) of the All-Russian Olympiad of Students “I am a professional”;

- Winners and prize-winners of the South-Russian Multidisciplinary Olympiad of the Educational Cluster of the Southern Federal District for applicants to the magistracy;

- Winners of the “Competition for the best scientific report of students” within the framework of the university “Science Week”.


More detailed information is on the page of the Portfolio Contest “Master's Student of SFedU”.


Links for participation in the portfolio contest “Master's Student of SFedU”:

  1. Program “Theory of translation and intercultural communication”: https://master.sfedu.ru/course/view.php?id=21
  1. The program “Russian as a foreign language / Spanish in the international educational space”: https://master.sfedu.ru/course/view.php?id=74
  1. The program “Cross-cultural communication, public relations and foreign languages in the context of the modern leadership paradigm” : https://master.sfedu.ru/course/view.php?id=23


To learn more about the the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies of SFedU Master's Degree program, go to the Master's Degree progams page.

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