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Congratulations on the Day of Russia!

On June 12, our country celebrates one of the youngest public holidays — the Day of Russia. Russia is a great multinational country with a rich history, traditions, culture, and science. The Day of Russia is a symbol of national unity and shared responsibility for the present and future of our Motherland. It is a celebration of freedom, civil peace and the good consent of all people based on law and justice. 

Student contest to get the Scholarship of the Rostov Region Governor has been launched

Dear students, we invite you to take part in the competitive selection for the scholarship of the Governor of the Rostov region.

Foreign students of SFedU have prepared creative congratulations on the birthday of A. S. Pushkin

Russian Language Day is celebrated on June 6 on the birthday of the Great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. In 2023, this holiday is of particular importance, since in the CIS countries this year is declared the Year of Russian Language as the language of Interethnic communication. Teachers and students of Southern Federal University take an active part in this event. Foreign students of the Department of the Russian Language and General Education Disciplines of the International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies of SFedU did not stand aside either. On Russian language and literature classes the biography and work of this outstanding figure of Russian culture, as well as participate in various thematic quests and flash mobs, reading poems, recording songs and answering quiz questions are introduced to the students.