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MIMDO RU H R C(ru) PDFS(ru) sfedu(ru)


End-term exams (summer 2022)

Congratulations on the successful end of the spring term! We would like to bring to your attention the schedule of the end-term exams (summer 2022):

45.04.01 Philology "Theory of translation and intercultural communication": 1 year

45.04.01 Philology  "International Studies: Languages. Cultures. Diplomacy":  1 year

44.04.01 Pedagogical Education «Russian Language and Culture in International Educational Space»: 1 year

45.04.01 Philology «Cross-cultural Communication and International Leadership»: 1 year

SFedU Students Enlightened Schoolkids about the History and Culture of Cuba

Spanish Language and Culture Club “Hispanistas” held its meeting in gymnasium №52 on the 5th of May within the framework of IIIEIAS´s vocational guidance project “Integration of school and university as a tool for creating competences of students”.

Alumni Reunion

Dear friends, we are happy to invite you to the traditional alumni reunion.

The meeting will take place on the 21th of May, 2022 at 11:00 at Bolshaya Sadovaya st., 105/42, room 308 (for bachelor alumni) and room 317 (for master’s alumni).

All the alumni of “Theory of Translation and Intercultural Communication” master’s program and “Foreign Philology” bachelor program with Spanish as their first or second foreign language are invited.

Alumni Reunion is the perfect opportunity to recall the good old days at university and to meet up with your groupmates and teachers.

We are waiting for everyone!