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MIMDO RU H R C(ru) PDFS(ru) sfedu(ru)



Competition for graduates and postgraduates

The Government of the Rostov Region is conducting the eleventh competition to select the best graduates and postgraduates of the university to participate in the project “Institute of research and analytical work at the Rostov Region Government".

SFU conducts advanced training courses for Russian language teachers in Cuba

On February 3, in Havana, the inauguration of advanced training courses "Traditions and Innovations in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language" for Cuban Russian language teachers took place.

Cuba: a meeting of graduates of SFU will be held

On February 12, 2020, at 15:00 in Havana (Cuba), a meeting of graduates of the Southern Federal University who at different times graduated from the Rostov State University, the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute, the Rostov State Pedagogical Institute, and the Rostov Institute of Architecture and Arts will be held.