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MIMDO RU H R C(ru) PDFS(ru) sfedu(ru)



A scientific and methodological seminar with international participation "The Russian language in the international educational space" will be held at SFU (online mode)

17 декабря 2019 года в Международном институте междисциплинарного образования и иберо-американских исследований ЮФУ состоится научно-методический семинар с международным участием (в режиме онлайн) «Русский язык в международном образовательном пространстве».

Aula Hispánica: "Christmas comes" - the last event rehearsal!!!

Attention! The  final event rehearsal of the Christmas Day concert is on December, 20, at 15.30 a.401 (B. Sadovaya st., 105/42).

SFU expands ties with Rostov region schools

On December 13, 2019, in the framework of the Career Gidance Project of the The International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies “Integration of the School and University as an effective tool for forming relevant skills of students” first-year students of the master's program "Theory of translation and intercultural communication" delivered an open Spanish lesson for pupils of the gymnasium No. 3 of Aksai city. The event was prepared by Karina Serova, Oksana Pilshchikova and Valeria Makeeva.