Portfolio Competition for foreign applicants for English and Russian-language master's programs starting at Southern Federal University

The portfolio competition lets foreign Bacherlor's graduates enter a Master's program of SFedU on a self-funded basis without exams.


Applications for participation in the Competition are submitted until August 1, 2020 through the applicant’s personal account

Winners of the Portfolio Competition are guaranteed to enter SFedU without exams. Participants in the Portfolio Competition, who did not become winners, but scored more than 50 points, will be able to participate in the general competition.

The list of winners of the portfolio competition will be published on the website of Welcome.SFedU, as well as in the applicant's personal account.

Terms of the competition for applicants for Russian-taught Master's programs

Terms of the competition for applicants for English-taught Master's programs


For more details of admission, you can contact the Centre of International Programs and Projects:

Rostov-on-Don, 105/42 Bolshaya Sadovaya str.

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