44.04.01 Pedagogical Education «Russian Language and Culture in International Educational Space»

International Interdisciplinary master's programme «Russian as a foreign language in the field of international education» is a two-year programme intended to train highly skilled experts that possess interdisciplinary knowledge, abilities and skills, integrated competences, capable of undertaking successful professional activity at the intersection of human sciences, especially in the fields of the Russian language teaching, international relations, intercultural communication, translation, academic education and science.

The programme is aimed at Russian and foreign students, it is delivered in Russian and English / Spanish.

Degree: Master

Language: Russian, English / Spanish

Type of attendance: Full-time

Duration: 2 years


Admission Requirements:

- Bachelor Degree

- Entrance Examination (depending on the profile) / admission to the University due to winning the SFedU contest / portfolio competition

- Spanish / English: B1.

- Russian: B1.


Unique characteristics

  • ·Advanced methods and techniques of teaching Russian language and culture
  • ·Practice-oriented model  that garantees professional training of students in relation to the needs and requirements of the labour market
  • ·Interdisciplinary Curriculum (Cognitive science, Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Education)
  • ·English/Spanish language proficiency for professional activities
  • ·Participation in exchange and international mobility programmes with European and American Universities, e.g. ERASMUS +



Basic courses:

  • ·Modern problems of science and education;
  • ·Foreign language in the professional communication / Russian as a foreign language in the professional communication (for foreign students)

Elective basic courses:

  • ·Russian language, literature and culture phenomenology;
  • ·Russian as a foreign language: Russian state testing system
  • ·Modern techniques of teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • ·Linguodidactic bases of teaching Russian as a foreign, non-native and hereditary language
  • ·Problems of intercultural communication in the modern world.

Special courses:  

  • ·Russian mentality in the language and text
  • ·Russian culture in the language and text
  • ·Russian culture in Russian and foreign literature
  • ·Paradigm of Modern Humanities: Cultural Studies, Cross-cultural Pragmatics, Socio- and Psycholinguistics
  • ·Modern problems of professional linguodidactics and new methods of foreign language teaching
  • ·Business Spanish / English / Russian as a foreign language


In-service education activities

  • ·Scientific Pedagogical practice
  • ·Pedagogical practice
  • ·Scientific Research practice
  • ·Projects Module

Career opportunities in Russia and abroad

  • ·Scientific Research
  • ·Teaching Activity (schools, universities, cultural educational centers, linguistic schools, etc.)
  • ·Expert Analyses and Consulting in the linguistic, international and sociocultural politics; consulting in inter-ethnic and intercultural relations in administrative offices and other agencies



Head of the programme:

Ph.D.  Oksana Shiriaeva

+7  918 599 94 98

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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