A Series of Online Lectures “Paraguay – Heart of South America”

Professor from the Southern Federal University will delivere a series of online-lectures featuring history, traditions and literature of Paraguay and Latin America on the basis of the Ibero-American cultural center of the Library for Foreign Literature (LFL) (Moscow).

The program of lectures:
May 12, 19:00 (MSK)

“Paraguay – Heart of South America”
History and unusual linguistic situation, amazing culture and unique traditions of the country which is in the very heart of South America.

May 19, 19:00 (MSK)
"Latin-American Literature"
The development of Latin-American literature and its peculiarities, Noble Prize-winning authors of this continent who reshaped world literature. A Russian reader will discover new authors and learn about “boom latinoamericano”, “post-boom” and Latin-American women writers.

May 26, 19:00 (MSK)
"The Literature of Paraguay"
How did Paraguay contribute to world literature? You will discover the ways of Paraguayan literature developments and get to know one of the fathers of magical realism Augusto Roa Bastos, and Juan Manuel Márquez – the most progressive and read writer of contemporary Paraguay, one of the founders of such a new literary movement as post-boom.

Lectures will be available on zoom.us online-platform. You’ll get a straightaway connection to the capital of Paraguay!
The author of the series – Igor Protsenko, PhD, academic coordinator of postgraduate education faculty, professor of Humanities in the University of North (Universidad del Norte, UniNorte) in Asunción (Paraguay), associate professor of International Institute of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies of Southern Federal University (SFEDU).

Preregistration is required: https://iberoamerikanskiy-kulturn.timepad.ru/event/13..

You will be sent a link to join a meeting through your email entered during registration. If you have not received an invitation letter an hour before the event, check your SPAM-box, please. If you still do not have a letter, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(translated by Alla Tuaeva, 1st year graduate student)

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