Master programs

To learn more about how to enrol in a master's program at SFedU, please, follow the link: Иностранным абитуриентам.


45.04.01 Philology "Theory of translation and intercultural communication" 

45.04.01 Philology "International Studies: Languages. Cultures. Diplomacy."  (in English) - Enrollment for 2023 ac.year is closed

44.04.01 Pedagogical Education «Russian as a foreign language / The Spanish language in the field of international education»

45.04.01 Philology + 51.04.01 Cultural studies «Cross-cultural communication, public relations and foreign languages from the perspective of the modern leadership Paradigm»


To apply online:


Entrance exam consists of two parts which together can bring you 100 score. Attention! Entrance exam Portfolio isn't part of the SFedU master students-to-be Portfolio Competition. 

Instructions for a comprehensive exam (portfolio + interview) 









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