45.04.01 Philology + 46.04.01 History International Studies: Languages. Cultures. Diplomacy


Degree: Master

Duration of training: 2 years

Form of training: Full-time

Language of instruction: Spanish and Russian or English and Russian.

Accreditation: professional

Program description:

The main goal of the program is to train highly skilled experts capable to work at the intersection of the human sciences especially in international relations, intercultural communication, translation, academic education and science.

We offer training in diplomacy, foreign-policy activities and international relations, in various fields of international political, economic, scientific, technical, information, legal and cultural interaction; Experience of interaction with various ethnic group representatives in respect to historical aspects, national and cultural particularities, Russian and Spanish/English language use in different areas: social, political, economic, scientific, technical, humanitarian, etc.;



- Proficiency in Spanish/English

- Good command of Russian (as well as English/German/French)

- Knowledge of modern technologies of foreign language training and philological studies teaching.


Basic courses:

- Foreign Language (Spanish/English)

- Practical Course of the Russian Language

- Paradigm of Modern Humanitarian Knowledge: Philology, History, Cultural Studies, Socio-, Psycholinguistics and Cross-Cultural Pragmatics


Special courses:

- Problems of Intercultural Communication in the Modern World

- International Relations of Russia with Great Britain and US/Spain, Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in View of the Modern Civilizational Paradigm

- Romanic/German and Russian World in Historical Context

- Digital/Cultural Diplomacy // Globalization and Regional Integration Processes


Research areas:

- Intercultural Communication;

- International Relations.


Graduates of the program will be able to:

· carry out international political, legal and cultural activities;

· work in the field of international relations, intercultural communication, translation, academic education and science in expert and analytical centers, public and state organizations, mass media, state and local government bodies, educational organizations, specialized scientific institutes and other research institutes, archives, museums, other cultural and travel organizations.



PhD Irina R. Abkadyrova

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+7 909 433 07 30


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