Aula Hispánica: “April Fair in Seville”

On Thursday, April 20, we invite everyone to the Aula Hispánica discussion club for an online meeting: “April Fair in Seville”.

What do you associate with the word “fair”? Surely images of shopping arcades, songs and dances immediately appear. All this perfectly fits the description of one of the most popular, colorful and world-famous holidays of Seville - the April Fair. We invite you to take part in the meeting of the Aula Hispánica to find out how this holiday has been held for more than 150 years in the capital of Andalusia!

The languages of the event are Russian and Spanish. 

Start: 15:50

Date: 20.04.2023

The event will be held in an online format on the Microsoft Teams platform.

In Microsoft Teams choose - Join or create a team - Join a team by code - 7k8vikn ✔.

Please join in advance!!!

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