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Day of Slavic Writing and Culture 24.05.2023

May 24 is important for each of us - it is the Day of Slavic Writing. 

This is the day of remembrance of two people who made a huge impact on the development of Slavic culture. They have the merit of creating the Slavic alphabet, without which it was impossible to translate sacred books into Slavic languages and preserve the culture of the Slavs for future generations/ 

These people are called Cyril and Methodius. They were originally from a Greek city - Byzantium. For their work in creating letters that convey Slavic sounds, the Orthodox and Catholic Churches venerate them as saints equal to the apostles.

Southern Federal University took active part in meetings of working groups within framework of XX session of Intergovernmental Commission in Cuba

From May 17 to May 19, 2023, the twentieth meeting of the Intergovernmental Russian-Cuban Commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation was held in Havana, the capital of Cuba. 

We invite you to the traditional Graduate's day!

Graduate's day is a meeting place with fellow students and teachers; a time for warm memories of the years of study, your stories and positive emotions. We promise tea, cookies and pleasant impressions!